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When you need help planning an event you can always count on the professional event planners at San Diego Event planning to give you a helping hand. We will be as involved as you would like for us to be. In many cases, those who hire us know what they want and they just need help executing their ideas.

This is easy for us since many of us have been in the event planning business for decades. If you want to be sure that your event will be a success, rely on our professional event planning company. If you have been looking at event planning companies in San Diego, you don’t have to look any further, as we are the preferred and most widely used professional event planning company in the area. Whether you have your own venue in mind or need advice, our event coordinating team will take care of it for you. The goes for ideas, vendors or secondary venues, we'll work with you to provide creative or logistical ideas while keeping to your vision of the event.
We started as wedding planners and once we perfected our wedding planning skills, we knew that we could help plan any type of event as an event coordinator. That is when we decided to open up a full-service event planning company in San Diego. With a team of professional event planners, we have helped with hundreds of local San Diego parties.

Our clients come to us because they know that we know what we are doing with our professional event planning. We have the experience that they want to ensure that their party is a hit. Our prices are competitively priced so that we can service the needs of as many people as possible who require our services. We are committed to pleasing everyone who relies on us for their party planning needs, which is we offer them guaranteed satisfaction.
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San Diego Event Planner - What Our Clients Say

“We entrust all of our company events to San Diego Event Planning. Why wouldn’t we! They are always in the news because of the incredible work that they do. We wouldn’t rely on any other planning company in San Diego because no one offers us as much as they do.”
John J.
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
I am not a party planner so I leave the party planning of our kid's birthday parties to the experts at San Diego Event Planning. They are always so willing to work with our budget, which we appreciate, and which is why we will only work with them.”
Sandy T.
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
“When I was about to turn 50 I knew that I wanted to do something big. I just had no idea what to do so I called San Diego Event Planning and they helped me come up with a fun theme party. It was a birthday party that we'll be talking about forever. I have these guys to thank.”
Ronald R.
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.

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