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We started San Diego Event Planning in San Diego, California almost a decade ago. Many of our planners began as wedding planners; therefore, adding to our list of services was easy for us to do. It felt very natural since friends and family to also help with his or her event planning often called upon most of us. Not everyone is as organized as we are, which is why they will usually contact us for help. We are committed to helping anyone with his or her party planning, whether they want us to assume full responsibility for the event or to help with a certain aspect of the event. We are happy to help in any capacity that the client deems necessary.

At San Diego Event Planning, we offer the most affordable party planning services in the city. The reason that some may avoid getting the help that they need is that they don't think they can afford these types of services. With our affordable pricing, we make it possible for everyone to receive our services based on their budget. We have received many industry accolades, which have served us well over the last couple of years. When someone needs a party planner to help with his or her planning needs, they can always rely on our services, since we have helped organize a variety of parties in and around the San Diego area. When our customers want value for the money, they often turn to us.

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